Our Partners

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Digititan is currently working with Cisco as part of the Networking Academy Program to train unemployed Information Technology graduates in Networking, Cybersecurity skills, programming and related 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) skills in the country.  The Digititan Cisco Networking Academy has also been training Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Educators, unemployed youth and employed individual in the country.  Digititan is also rolling out Information Technology Essentials (ITE) and A+ Boot Camps across the country for to equip unemployed young people with technology skills.  Digititan is training unemployed youth to be certified trainers so that they can implement these training programmes in their own communities.

Digititan and Digiconnect, our non-profit vehicle, have been accredited by CompTIA as a certified partner to provide CompTIA certification to young people across the country.  We are establishing our Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence that will offer both Cisco and CompTIA courses in order to produce high level cyber experts in the country.  Free training of unemployed youth is also going to include CompTIA A+ certification for unemployed youth in the country.

Digititan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IBM wherein IBM will provide online Information and Communication Technology (ICT) content for the 4th Industrial Revolution and Digititan will make available its online platform, VFunda, to make this continent available to young people across the country. Digititan is therefore building learning communities to assist unemployed youth to access IBM content within the Digititan platform.  We intend to use this collaboration to empower unemployed youth with the 4th Industrial Revolution skills.

In 2017, Digititan was appointed by Google to become one of the official training partners for the Digital Skills for Africa initiative in the country.  The main target groups for this initiative were unemployed youth, SMME’s and matriculants.  More than 70 000 unemployed youth were trained and about 10 000 SMME’s also benefitted from the Digital Skills for Africa program. Unemployed youth were equipped with skills for employability in the digital economy and SMME’s were guided on how to attain online presence for their businesses.

Our company has been working with the Department of Higher Education and Training together with Cisco to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution capacity building program at TVET Colleges across the country.  We have trained more than three hundred TVET College educators in areas such as Information Technology Essentials, Networking, Programming, Cybersecurity and A+.  We are also using this innovative initiative to ensure that TVET graduates are equipped with the relevant skills to deal with the demands of the digital economy.

Digititan has been working with the Visible Policing Division within the South African Police Service to train unemployed youth and interns in Information Technology skills.  This program was initiated by the South Police as an instrument for crime prevention by equipping unemployed youth with relevant skills to prevent crime escalation in various communities across the country.

Digititan has been working with Microsoft to train unemployed Information Technology graduates as part of the Student to business initiative.  This program was instrumental in providing unemployed graduates with industry skills for employability. Digititan also worked with Microsoft to introduce the Microsoft Academy program into the TVET Colleges.

Our company was invited by the Government Communications and Information Services (GCIS) to provide Digital Skills training to Thusong Centre managers across the country.  This initiative also incorporated Digital Skills training for SMMEs and Cooperatives in various Thusong Centers across the country. Digititan will also be extending its Social Investment Program for Free Information Technology skills training for unemployed youth  to all Thusong Centers across the country.

Digititan has also collaborated with the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) to train about 200 unemployed youth in Google Digital Skills. This training was part of the Google’s Digital Skills for Africa initiative aimed at equipping young people across the African continent with 21st Century Skills for Employability. SMME’s were provided with critical skills for acquiring online presence for their businesses.

Digititan is currently working with the Media, Information and Communication Technology Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT Seta) to implement an internship program on Cybersecurity skills for unemployed Information Technology graduates.  This is a twelve-months program which is being implemented in collaboration with Cisco as part of the Digititan Networking Academy program and CompTIA.  On completion of the program the graduates will have completed the following six international qualifications: IT Essentials, A+, Linux+, Python, CCNA and Cyber Operations certifications.  The whole internship is divided into six months of industry training and six months workplace training.

We have also partnered with the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) to provide Digital Skills training to Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises within the Gauteng province. The aim of this initiative was to assist emerging enterprises to establish their online presence and to enable e-commerce activities within these businesses.