The Goliath Project

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One of the key values of Digititan is Dignity, which is “Affirming the Dignity” of every African soul on this planet.   We intend to achieve this goal by empowering the African youth in the Information and Communication Technology space.  We are therefore mainstreaming the Fourth Industrial Revolution epoch as a platform for leap-frogging the intellectual capabilities of the African masses.


We are also launching The Goliath Project, which is a Community Social Development Initiative aimed at supporting child-headed homes with food. We intend to see to it that children without parents can still go to school without worrying about the next meal of the day.  The key qualifying criteria for the family support is that children must be attending school and that the home is child-headed.

 We are inspired by the story of David who had to overcome all odds to defeat Goliath and somehow the defeat of Goliath became a launching pad for David to become the king. Similarly, we intend to use the challenging circumstances to encourage our beneficiary to rise above all the odds to achieve success in life. 

 Digititan is encouraging other small businesses to join our initiative and support at least one child-headed home to eradicate poverty and starvation in our communities.  The key end goal of this initiative is to have at least 100 000 families being supported by the end of the year and to ensure that children from these homes remain in school.