SMME Development

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Digititan is working with public and private sector partners to create an SMME Incubator for the 4th Industrial Revolution businesses. This project is aimed at assisting businesses that are focusing on using the 4th Industrial Revolution skills to solve community-related problems.  Entrepreneurs will be assisted with office space, training, networking and business linkages.


Digititan is continuously searching for emerging and dynamic entrepreneurs who are passionate about using technology to solve problems that are currently engulfing the African communities.  We are strongly supporting businesses that are solution-oriented and grounded in bettering the lives of the African masses. 


The future of our continent lies in the hands of young people who are determined to use science and innovation to correct the wrongs of our past.  Digititan is determined to promote a different form of Capitalism, which is dedicated towards putting the lives of our people first and not individual accumulation of wealth. 


We believe that the current economic conditions in Africa do not favor excessive enrichment of a few at the expense of the struggling majority.