About Us

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Who We Are

Digititan (PTY) LTD is a proudly African company founded on a mission of working tirelessly towards making Africa a First-World continent that is grounded on harnessing technology and innovation to attain economic independence that serves all its people.

We aim to build one of the strongest companies in the world that will utilise all its resources for the benefit of the people of Africa. We are focussing on training and skilling young Africans in the field of technology, focussing on Information and Communication Technology as our launchpad for our greatness in innovation. We are helping young people to establish technology-based businesses that will transform and improve the quality of life in the continent.  We strongly believe that capitalism can only be meaningful and relevant in our continent if it is used for the benefit of humanity. Excessive accumulation of wealth in the sea of poverty cannot be justified. We will be dedicating ourselves and all our resources in assisting every African family to have access to technology.

Our promise to the people of Africa is that this company, Digititan, will build a strong movement that will “Restore our African Dignity” and provide a path for “Delivering Greatness”.











– Affirming African dignity

– Key enabler for greatness

– The new normal

– Selfless service to Africa

– One humanity

– No exclusion

– Trusting our humanity

– In everything we do

– Building human bridges across Africa


To be the leader in deploying technology to transform human life through our key strategic initiatives


Deploying technology and innovation to propel Africa to become the First-world continent by 2030.