Digititan at #MyCareerMyDestiny Programme building the digital generation.

Digititan at #MyCareerMyDestiny Programme building the digital generation.

Digititan(pty) Ltd in partnership with Morongwa Foundation at Maphutha Secondary School for the career expo day.

Imagine what it would be like if no child or learner gets exposed to different career options, and they have no clue about the kind of career that is suitable and perfect for them. But guess what, you do not have to imagine because most of the schools in South Africa and organisations are already exposing learners to different careers they can pursue.

We were invited to a career day hosted by Morongwa Foundation at Maphutha Secondary School in Tembisa. The career day provided learners with unique opportunities to explore their interests, discover new passions, and gain insights into the diverse career possibilities available. As they transition form high school to the next phase in their lives, the career day empowered them with information that can influence their academic choices and shape their future goals. Additionally, this event fostered networking opportunities, allowing learners to connect with potential mentors, industry professionals, and like-minded peers. The career day featured a wide range of informative sessions, workshops, and exhibitions. Experts from various industries delivered talks, highlighting the key skills and qualifications required for specific careers. Interactive workshops allowed students to engage in hands-on activities and experience a taste of different professions. Moreover, learners had access to informative brochures, study guides, and other resources to help them make informed decisions about their future. The career day played a vital role in empowering grade 11 and 12 learners to envision their future career paths and equipping them with the knowledge needed to embark on successful and fulfilling journeys after high school.

We had the opportunity to present different digital skills offered at Digititan that people can follow in the IT industry. It was a delightful moment to see school learners engaging and learning from us. We look forward to attending more of these events to educate and enlighten learners about the skills required to thrive in the ICT world.

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Thandeka Rankoe