Vfunda Affiliate Marketing

Become a Vfunda Ambassador or Influencer and Build Capital to start your business



The Vfunda Digital Scheme is a product developed by Digititan aimed at assisting parents to buy computers for their children.  We are living in this period of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where digital skills are important for employment and entrepreneurship.  Young people who don’t have computers will not have computer skills that are needed by employers. The Vfunda Digital scheme will help low income parents to afford computers for their children.


Vfunda Ambassadors/Influencers will use their Digital Marketing skills such as affiliate marketing to promote the Vfunda Digital Scheme to parents. Affiliate marketing is an easy-to-use and free way to earn money from your website, blog, social media account and email account. It involves placing advertisements for the Vfunda Digital Scheme on your website, blog, social media account and email account. When people sign up for the Vfunda scheme using your link, you will earn money for yourself.


This Vfunda Ambassador/Influencer programme is targeting young people who want to build capital to start their own businesses.  We therefore want to use this programme to assist young people to build their own successful businesses.


Digititan will help young people to register their businesses with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), Digital Literacy training, Digital Marketing training, Digital Entrepreneurship training and Business Mentorship.


Digititan will also help you raise extra funding for your business based on your capital accumulation.

We will train you to use social media to gain clients, assist you with saving tools to build your capital and we will also advise you on the percentage of your commission to be saved for your business finance.

This programme is aiming to achieve THREE BIG GOALS:

  1. Assist low income earners to buy computers for their children
  2. SMME Development for our country
  3. Build Digital Skills in our communities


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